Feeling Minnesota

You know you left your heart in another zip code when you get text messages at 2:00am that say things like “worked late… tired girl misses u” and your first thought isn’t “WHY ARE YOU WAKING ME UP YOU STUPID PIECE OF SWEDISH TECHNOLOGY” but more so “aw… tender… she misses me.” I promise i’m not always like this, but give me some grace today, I like the girl and it is cause for celebration.

I have some variety of vile sniffles. So, with the exception of the aforementioned (strangely welcomed) cell phone beeping awakening, I slept from about 7:00pm-7:00am. I woke up this morning to find my phone sitting on top of the takeout menu from Wok n Roll. Wisdom to be gained from this: you know you must be tired when you can’t find the energy to ORDER CHINESE TAKEOUT. 

I’m mostly better now.