A Blow To Bow Ties Everywhere

CNN fired Tucker Carlson. As in his bio page isn’t even up anymore fired. I find it somewhat humorous. After all, I really don’t care for right wing bomb-throwers anymore than left wing bomb-throwers (even if they do make me chuckle with their frat boy bow tie swagger from time to time.) I wonder how much of of this had to do with the Jon Stewart appearance on Crossfire?

In other news… i’m speaking to a group of people at Southern Wesleyan University this afternoon about viral marketing and creative advertising. While I realize that I talk about this stuff all day and it drives much of what I do…. for some reason I feel woefully unprepared to talk to anyone about it. 

I’ve done more design work in the past four days than I probably have in the previous three weeks. Between the constant flow of New Spring work and the avalanche of freelance work that has started to (thankfully) rule over my spare time… i’ve been a busy boy. Speaking of such things… www.hrtwrk.com is coming along nicely and will still (hopefully) launch on 02.14.05 in all its portfolio glory. Cross your fingers and say a little prayer if you’re given to such things.