Meetings Are Evil

This afternoon was filled with meetings. One of which was a long sit-down with my supervisor to discuss impending deadlines. This was a good thing… up until this point in my job, i’ve had lots of creative freedom (thumbs up, not changing any time soon) but i’ve also had lots of deadline freedom too. The latter is not a good thing because i’m a procrastinator at heart and generally anything I deem to be “grunt work” gets pushed to the bottom of the pile and lingers there in obscurity. So… good meeting, I think i’ll like our new system.

What I didn’t realize was how much work I actually produce. I suppose that when you’re in it everyday, having an objective point of view is difficult. I fully admit to not knowing what life is like in the “real design world.” But wow… nice to look at a very long to-do list and realize that you’re earning your keep.