I never want to lose the child-like (child-ish?) wonder I had the first time I flew in an airplane. Granted, that wasn’t that long ago… five or six years maybe? But still… at the age of 20 I was amazed. During last week’s trip to Vegas, I was on four different flights and I got the chance to see a variety of the American landscape from 25,000 feet… isn’t that inspiring? Seeing all of Chicago covered in snow, or the Blue Ridge Mountains in all their glory, or a very frozen Lake Michigan from the window of an airplane should make you stop whatever you’re doing (most likely trying, in some unfruitful way, to take your mind off the fact that you are flying) and be in awe that YOU ARE IN THE AIR. I don’t want to lose that. 

On a semi-related note, I am ready for something different. I’m ready to be awed by something. A change of scenery… maybe a new realationship to shake me out of my everydayness… even rearranging my office or moving or SOMETHING. Restlessness is part of my DNA. Sometimes it weighs heavier than others. 

It’s almost February. In February I will buy a vehicle. While that will be a nice and very welcome change considering how i’ve felt like I was 12 for the past few months, I seriously doubt a vehicle will awe me. Nonetheless, wanna go for a ride?