Zee Germans

I just sat through a 45 minute meeting with an “internet consultant” from WSI. Some of the various thoughts that occupied my otherwise uninterested brain during this title bout of sleep deprivation endurance were: 

1. I think my deodorant has ceased to de-odor today. 

2. This guy must be German… every time he says something about a website launch it sounds like “weebsite lawunch.” I MUST NOT LAUGH.

3. Someone please put me out of my misery and hit me with a blunt object. Like a bowling pin. Or my desk. Or a Harlem Globetrotter.

4. Listen Mr. Fancy Pants, you may be onto something with your laundry list of internet consultantry no-no’s in regards to our site… but your company’s site is UGLY.

5. I think Frodo’s Pizza must put sugar in their food… because lunch still tastes remarkably sweet. Like candy indigestion.

6. My deodorant definitely sucks.

The other 44 minutes of the meeting were even more hellish.