The Way of the Master

Earlier today Gilmore shared with me the greatness/wretchedness of The Way of the Master which, in addition to sounding like A.) a 70’s kung fu classic or B.) a sequel to 80’s classic The Beastmaster, also features a walking, talking Kirk Cameron, a handy click here if you’re a Christian or click here if you’re not (you hellbound pagan sinner heathen but welcome to our website) option, and a site navigation/interaction scheme that has been used by other sites to a much greater effect. Just because you can make Kirk Cameron talk to me and point at the navigation to tell me where it is (because I am, after all, an idiot) doesn’t mean you should.

If this is the way of the master, I don’t want to follow in it.

I did have a nice moment when Kirk was asking me “Who do you know who isn’t saved? A good friend? Your brother? Your father…” at which point a picture of an older black man with a bad mustache appears and I almost spit Coke all over my desk laughing. And my mother is Asian. Who knew?