Back to the Future

Four things that absolutely rock about the fact that my office just moved from the trailer (“mod-u-lar building”) to a cubicle in the main building. (Yes, i’m seriously happy about this.) 

1. Overarching reasons 2-4, I just love change.

2. Headphones rule me. Music sounds better in headphones.

3. It’s going to make me a better employee. I’m going to be better at what I do. Under more supervision, around more people (thank God), and forced to be more focused. I want to be better at what I do… so this makes me happy. Being a slacker didn’t really work out for me, and it certainly wasn’t doing anything beneficial for anyone else.

4. It doesn’t feel like the fifth circle of hell in here. My typical workday in the trailer consisted of trying to get some work done in between bouts of sweating like like someone dared me to. Granted, here in the cube the fluorescent lighting looms large overhead (which always reminds me of the bizarreness of the first 30 minutes or so of the highly underrated Joe Versus the Volcano) but i’ll deal with bright lights instead of the flames of eternal damnation anyday.

In the midst of moving everything over, I sifted through some old files and sketchbooks. They held many secrets and insights… into what a LOSER I was. I wouldn’t have hung out with me then. Nevertheless, I also found some humorous things, like an 8×10 of me (with a fluffy afro) from my college church’s CHURCH DIRECTORY, stacks of old poetry and song lyrics (terrible), and a note from one of my religion classes, passed back and forth between Sarah, Matt, and I. Background: Matt was emo before emo was cool. (Ok… granted, emo isn’t cool… but Matt was emo before we called emo “emo,” mmm k?) He was in a band called Katherine Speed. I always referred to them as Katherine’s Peed… mostly because I am a soul-less mocker. Sarah and I were just getting to know each other, and we’re still very good friends.

Me: “I’m bored… if you were a fruit or veggie, what would you be and why?”

Matt: (intercepting the note meant for Sarah and handing it back to me) “This question is stupid. You would be an avacado. Because you’re a hoe.”

Me: “Sooooo… Sarah?”

Sarah: “I’d be a grape. Small, sweet, and FULL OF FLAVA, YO.”

I might note that we are all very caucasian. In fact, I will. Lily white, people. Lily white.