I will tell you without apology that iTunes makes my life more enjoyable every single day. If you’re using some other music program, i’m not sure why… you’re choosing the famine over the feast. (And if you’re on a network, you’re missing out on the pleasure of listening to everyone else’s music, too). I’ve spent some free time over the past few days trying to finally get all my albums into iTunes… a daunting task, I assure you. I just hit 5000+ songs… aka 24.1 days of continuous music… aka 30+ gigabytes of mp3… and I still have two large spindles of CDs on my desk awaiting a home.

iHaveTooManyTunes. And yet it’s completely unsatisfying and I regularly hit >> when iTunes is rolling on shuffle. I wonder if there’s a shelf life on finding joy in the little things? For the restless at heart, all the “stuff” makes us smile on the inside for a little while (a feeling that can easily pass for contentment if we’re not paying attention) and then it all avalanches into routine again, with no apology for the letdown. 

There is a tension in the search for something that won’t disappoint… oceans that don’t turn into desert… pasture that doesn’t become gravel under our feet… excitement and life that doesn’t give way to existing. I think i’m finally learning the lesson of not placing those expectations on things (and people) that are incapable of never letting me down. Placing my trust and my heart in the fleeting sets me up for disappointment everytime. I’m tired of being disappointed.

“They cried to YOU and were saved; in YOU they trusted and were not disappointed.” Psalm 22:5