Live Muzak

After what seems like the longest dry season of no good shows in the southeast, rumors of spring are bringing with them rumors of live musical goodness. Jason Mraz in Asheville, Mute Math & Mat Kearney in Greenville and Atlanta, and, perhaps best of all, the one and only Lee McDerment and [Insert Clever Band Name Here] this Friday at Carpenter’s Cellar in Greenville. Yes… McD and Jon and Chris and Jeff the Hook and some Rhodes piano-fueled rock goodness… one night only. (That night being Friday). Get there early and you can hear some pansy singer-songwriter babble on about women folk. (And by “babble on” I don’t mean “Babylon” but I more so mean “rock you like Stryper” and by “women folk” I mean “women people” not “a musical genre defined by skinny women with very large guitars who play boring acoustic music”). 

Friday… 8:00ish.