Baby I’ll Be Your Background Music Tonight

It was what I like to call a 50/50 crowd tonight… 50% into it and 50% wondering what the oddly acoustic noise was, drifting to their itchy ears from a corner-esque direction, interrupting their conversations. That being said, being background muzak is not without its share of highlights…

New songs were, in fact, unleashed on the unaware public. They will all stick around for awhile (the songs, although most likely not the public) albeit in the typical ever-changing form. I figure if I don’t record them, then every song has the potential to keep evolving into something better. The muse descended and all freestyling and off-the-cuff singing went well and, for the most part, rhymed. However, singing without the aid of amplification via microphone is no good… no good at all. (Unless I am busking for change in a downtown area… because busking as a hobby is enjoyable. However, busking for your dinner is not so much enjoyable, so don’t become a destitute street musician, mmm k?)

Moving on, there was a devastatingly cute blond girl there tonight, sitting under a window, fully engaged in conversation and completely unaware that I existed or that I was SO-SINGER-SONGWRITER-ING near her. Not that I care, or have reason to care, but this sad story further cements my status as a non-rock-star and reinforces the fact that I have no capacity to be a sex symbol. It’s really quite damaging to my fragile ego… but I suppose I can soldier on, despite the circumstances.

At some point, someone who was present for the aforementioned gig will read this. They will begin to replay the night in their heads desperately trying to infer from their limited recollection of the evening who the aforementioned devastatingly cute blond girl was… perhaps to some avail. If so, I stand by this post. She was/is devastatingly cute and if no one has told her lately, then I am happy to be the bearer of such rightfully communicated news.