Oh snap… Steve Harrington has some killer work.

I, on the other hand, have a bit of a slept-too-much hangover today. I crashed at 9:00 last night. That’s elderly scheduled. I think I was just bored. I’m playing tonight for a smallish group of students who are doing a Habitat for Humanity type project this week during their spring break. I am the entertainment for the evening post-dinner. I’m playing without the aid of microphone or sound system, which makes me quite nervous. I need my safety net, you know? I’m not a professional.

Nonetheless, it will be fun to unleash some new songs on complete strangers. Songs are strange things… you never know if they’re any good until you play them outside your house. My walls (in my various homes over the years) have heard everything i’ve ever written (or tried to write)… but they’re not talking. I actually enjoy just being a musician and not a Recording Artist™ because I get to just forget the songs I want to forget. It’s nice to not remember how I used to sound or the songs I used to write. It’s one of the few area of my life where there seems to be constant change.