Milestones Feel Like Millstones At First

Most of what I would call defining moments of my life came about as a result of less than stellar circumstances. Heartbreak is, of course, the most prevalent catalyst for such things… but it’s been years since my last one, and my heart has been stitched up quite nicely in the mean time. But even the less glamorous stuff of life, sometimes tragic, often simply unsettling, has the potential to shift us and the way we see the world. 

Maybe a heartfelt conversation with a friend moved me to slightly change my view on a situation, prompting a slight worldview tilt. Or perhaps it was college heartbreak #2 or #3 that moved me two degrees shy of the course I was on… a minimal change at the time, more than likely too small too see in the middle of emotional fallout. But five years later, how different am I because of those seemingly insignificant changes? And how much more so when something massive puts a milemarker in my life?

I’m consistently amazed that the things that weighed so heavy on me when I was IN them have proven to be the defining moments of my life. Be encouraged… when your ego takes a hit, it’s often in the service of building your faith.