Absent Absenter & Other Photo-Related Talk

I have a bookmarks folder called “daily.” It’s fairly self-explanitory in nature. Absenter is in that folder. I just plain DIG Naz’s photos, writing, and general sensibilities. I say that to set up two things: 

1. He redesigned. Go check it out.

2. He had a bad bike accident two weeks ago. You can read all about it here. If you don’t mind photographic representation of who wins when it’s head versus asphalt, you can see all the grisly details here. He’s self-employed, uninsured (ouch), and has close to $10,000 in hospital bills now (big ouch). If you’re interested in helping out, you can PayPal money to work(at)weightshift(dot)net. 

In other news, Lanna and I spent some of the 75-and-blue-skies afternoon in search of photo-worthy destinations. Every single time we go out shooting, we can’t seem to escape the inevitable confrontation with someone who’s wondering what we’re doing. I’m not talking about gentle curiousity or artistic appreciation… this is typically more of the stressed, scared, ALWAYS caucasian, “What are you doin’ takin’ pictures near my land, boy?” flavor of confrontation. (And no, we weren’t trespassing.) I mean honestly, do two twenty-somethings armed with cameras pose that much of a threat to you? You’ve never actually stopped to appreciate the beautiful things around you, but you’re going to get all Spanish Inquisition on us when we try to?