Once You Get Past The Stalkers

Seeing Jason Mraz and band do their thing is quite enjoyable. I took a few hundred pics, so i’ll wade through them and post sometime soon. But to be honest, I was more captivated by something else last night… and no, it did not involve some cute blond girl in the corner, although there was one, and she had great tattoos and was completely disinterested in the proceedings. 

I really can’t believe that I, an avowed unimpressed-with-Taylor Guitars guy, am about to say this… but Mraz’s new live rig is what’s for awesome. Welcome to the world of the new Taylor T-5, a beauty of an electric/acoustic guitar. This thing sounds pretty amazing… and I am King Skeptic about Taylors… i’ve only played one that I thought lived up to the hype and price tag. Granted, Mraz is a highly underrated player (always under control and in the pocket) but even with obviously mediocre acoustic players the T-5 seems to live in the sonic space I want to go and the potential versatility makes for a nice combo of sounds in one instrument.

I’m sold. But i’ll be curious to see how much they charge for the pleasure of owning one. My main complaint has always been how proud they are of their over-priced gear.