Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life

I was trying to think of an eloquent way to phrase it, but i’m too spent. Yesterday I resigned. After two years as the Creative/Art Director at New Spring Community Church, i’m off to pursue other things… namely freelancing fulltime via HRTWRK. The past 24 hours have been filled with meetings and phone calls and buying equipment and talking with the fam and budgeting and more phone calls and lots of encouragement and support from my wonderful friends and family. I’m sitting in downtown Greenville, having just left one client meeting, getting ready to go do a photo shoot (with a borrowed camera… anyone got a Canon Mark II just laying around unused?), and then going to another client meeting. I have to buy a vehicle and a design-ready Mac in the next day or so. The following two weeks will be some interesting transition time. If you’re prone to such things, prayers and thoughts and such are appreciated.

It’s an odd feeling. We’ll talk through it together, ok? (And for goodness sakes, go check out HRTWRK. Pass the word. I am now the self-promotional guru. Let’s enter into relationships that require you to pay me large sums of money to design things for you.)