To Do Lists Are For Adults

Things are still a bit hectic and crazy. Transitions are always interesting… the give and take and looking forward to new things while still feeling a bit of nostalgia over old things. No matter what (and no matter how I feel) I know that this is where I am right now. I am here. There is no other reality. This is my life and there are things to be done and, surprisingly enough, I really love it.

I’ve spent a lot of money in the past few days. Between the new ride and the new G5 and display and software and such… it’s a bit overwhelming. But it’s nice to know that I earned that money… and that i’ve earned these things by working. Credit is evil and brings you down… paying for things with cash (novel idea, I know) makes me feel like a respectable, hard-working person. We are on our way…

In other news, my good friend Summer recently left the dark side and ventured into a new company with some great folks… it’s called lowercase people. From what she’s told me so far… it’s gonna be amazing and actually serve a worthwhile purpose. Keep an eye out.