Who Hesitate To Buy Ours?

I typically don’t get much junk mail (of the “e” variety at least), but every once in awhile, spam sneaks past my prodigious filtering system and lands in my inbox. And, typically again, when that does happen, it’s still fairly easy to spot the rare piece of junk sandwiched in-between all my fan mail (kidding). However, yesterday this lovely-looking html email greeted me. “Now that’s down-right pretty spam” I thought to myself… until I started reading it

Designcontents do first discount event which offers variety design resources. It’s the best chance to who hesitate to buy ours because of price. Buy our ready-to-use web site template as low price. And get free sources for purchased members. See more.

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I feel compelled to read such things out loud in some variety of broken English foreign accent. I usually don’t feel bad about it.