You Have The Internet… Sike!

Timeline: Charter installs a modem and internet service at my house from 5:35-6:45pm yesterday. It works great… for an hour. For the rest of the evening service cuts in and out until it finally whimpers and dies around 9:00pm. I then spend 7 minutes on hold and talk to a rep who schedules me for a follow-up service call “…between 1:00 and 5:00pm…” today. Jeremy, a very helpful service tech, Shondell at dispatch (what’s up, girl?), and I have spent the last hour and a half having varying degrees of success and failure at fixing the problem which is now resolved.And you know what it came down to? Not the service… but the piece of junk modems they’re using now. And some fancy new IP system on their end that everyone hates. Truly a company which doesn’t seem to pay any attention to their employee’s suggestions, much less to their customer’s complaints.