Just Quit It With The New Logos

Everyone. Just stop. You do not need a new logo. (OK… most of you).

The latest fantastic, classic, still-wonderful logo to fall in the name of market progress is DC Comics. And with so many notable large companies revamping lately, i’m beginning to wonder who’s driving the hype? Shareholders? Customers? (Ha!) CEOs? Or are some of the larger design presences in the world (Pentagram, Landor, et al) actually bold enough to be the catalyst for the recent visual overthrowing of perfectly functional identities? I suspect a combination of those thoughts… as well as hundreds of other factors; but, sadly, I think the business world at large has such a rampant, unchecked lemming mentality that all it probably took was UPS‘s 3D beveled makeover to make half the major corporate entities in the world simultaneously think, “Oh no… the sky is falling and we HAVE to have a new logo RIGHT NOW” without a single quantifiable or finacially viable reason for making the change.