Blue, Baby, Blue

I thought a change of decor might be in order. If you’re a PC person and the site’s doing something you think might be out of the ordinary or inappropriate, think about it for a little while and make sure, then you can email me with your laundry list of concerns. If you’re using Internet Explorer I can’t even look you in the face, so please don’t email me. (C’mon, say it with me… GET FIREFOX).

In semi-related news, blues being the tying theme, you should go grab this week’s free download from iTunes Music Store. Kyle Riabko may be stupidly young… and he may may be hip with the OC kiddie set right now… but he’s also a stupidly good guitar player and he’s soon to be on tour with John Mayer, who’s managed to have killer opening acts every time i’ve seen him for about four years. In the mean time, you can get Do You Right for free. Dang catchy tune… slick guitar parts, too.

You also need to get this Nikka Costa song Till I Get To You which wins the awards for Best Use And Phrasing Of The Word “Freaky” In A Song EVER and Best Channeling Of Prince By A Female Vocalist.