Dear Safari Users,

You should download the handy PDF Browser Plugin right now. 

I read a lot of online content everyday and some of those articles, especially from business and marketing resources, are available as PDFs. Fine and dandy… PDFs are great. I just don’t like reading them in Preview or Acrobat Reader because it requires me to open another application, which means another open window on my desktop, which means more clutter. When I get cluttered, I get nothing done. PDF Browser lets you view, download, and print online PDFs from within Safari. No clutter. No sapped resources opening another app just to read content. No extra windows.

By the way, in the realm of using one program for as many things as possible, I set jpegs set to open in Safari as the default. Most of the time, i’m just viewing a jpeg, not using it for design, so one viewer (Preview, etc.) is just as good as another. Opening it in Safari, which is ALWAYS open and running, is time and resource saving. HRTWRK is all about thrift. If I need to open the image in another app, I can just right-click and open with that app. 

Nerdily Yours,Joshua