Apparently I’m Only Semi-Funny

In a strange twist of interweb intrigue, i’ve had an influx of new vistors due to my heartfelt letter to George Lucas making its rounds in web space. Sure, you might expect some friends to get a kick out of it, but i’ve certainly never thought of myself as the type of writer who writes things that get passed around the internet. And yes, I understand that I write things on the internet… but this is just plain odd.

The highlight of this entire process is that someone who linked and quoted the post referred to it as a “Semi-funny letter to George Lucas”. And i’m like… semi? I’m funny enough for you to take time out of your life to read, quote, AND post, but not to warrant a title like, oh, I don’t know, “FUNNY letter to George Lucas”

I’m an ARTIST, people. I’m sensitive.