Dear Flickr,

I owe you an apology. For months now, I have ignored your tasty photo sharing goodness despite several people I know and love encouraging me to try it out. And while I eventually fell prey to the vortex-like pull and caved, creating my own Flickr page weeks ago, I didn’t start uploading photos until yesterday. Driven over the edge by the gift of a free upgrade to Flickr Pro by a friend, I began the process and knew within a few minutes of uploading my first few photos why you are so dang popular. But wait, it gets better, my love.

One of the many sacrifices i’ve had to make in the past few weeks with the job change is prioritizing what software is need-based and what can wait. Unfortunately for my sanity, iView MediaPro, arguably the best photo management software around, isn’t in my budget yet and, oh…. how I miss it. In the mean time of my self-imposed poverty, i’ve been getting by with Mac’s native iPhoto, a good program… but not exactly speedy when it has 10,000+ photos loaded into it. Nonetheless, today I found a handy Mac plugin called Flickr Export which says what it does and does what it says. It seamlessly integrates into iPhoto and uploads whole folders in the background, without tying up my browser of choice. Handy, time-saving.

I Think I’ll Keep You, Joshua