File Under: So Hot Right Now

Seriously, people… if you’re a photographer, you have to hop on this Flickr bandwagon. I want to have like 10,000 of Flickr’s babies. And not only is the site great, the folks running it seem to have a wonderful sense of humor. Granted, it’s never fun when a site is down for maintenace, but at least when Flickr is, you get a message like “Flickr is having a massage” instead of something boring and souless. 

Flickr is HRTWRK-approved. Not that a recommendation from me carries any weight, but at least maybe it will have some girth and you’ll make a mental note of it, if only to make comments under your breath at a later date. Huh?

And yes, to all the folks who have been instilling the goodness of Flickr in me for months, you told me so. You did. Give yourself a hand. Go ahead… right there at your desk… you know who you are. You should be clapping right now.