Google Gets It

When nouns become verbs, you know you’re on to something. “Just Google it.” How many times have I said that? They continue to impress, innovate, change, and reinterpret the world of information on the web. There’s a great interview on Information Week with Google CEO Eric Schmidt you should read. It’s mainly about enterprise-level business technology, which most likely has nothing to do with you or your life, but here’s five reasons why you should read it anyway:

1. Because Google is “…a company [that delights] in doing everything differently… because it’s basically all these people who want to change [information technology]…” Keep in mind that Google is IN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS. It’s what they do. And they want/need/do change everything. Constantly. Do you do this? Professionally? Personally? Take notes. If you want to survive in the new economy in any level of success above the status quo, get used to change and innovation. If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.

2. Because they love simplicity that works. 

3. Because they see the big picture and have no plans to focus on what could be perceived as a weakness by some. Google doesn’t niche specify its searches. It would hurt them in the long run and water down their product if they did. They leave that to others. Smart business. Better product. They get point #2, we get better searching capabilities. Everybody wins.

4. Because Google lives and operates in THE NOW. The sense of urgency drives everything. Schmidt says, “…don’t talk to me about long-term strategy. I’m not interested. I want to know why is your product not shipping until next week. And then after this thing is released, tell me what you’re going to do about it.” You can’t control five years from now in your own life, much less in the new economy. Five years? Something changes every five minutes right now… what good is long-term strategy when the world it was created for DOESN’T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE? Start asking yourself what you can do now. Even better, what ARE you doing now? Planning? Stategizing? Wishing? Hoping? How’s that newfound irrelevance treating you so far?

5. Because Schmidt is smarter than the interviewer and occasionally turns the tables, asking his own questions, which is both entertaining and completely insightful as to a facet of why Google is driven to such success. 

Smart people asking smart questions and being able to look at their own actions and the market objectively. Most of us ignore the big picture, ignore the reality of the situation we work in, ignore the leadership flaws around us (and IN US), and then wonder why the world passes us by. 

Google’s changing the world. What are you doing?