Lee McDerment Is A Musical Genius

A few things. I love my roommate. I love my roommate’s music because he’s my friend and I firmly believe you should support your friends in all they do and do your best to make them wildly successful in their endeavors. That being said, if I didn’t know the guy, i’d hope that someone would tell me to go visit Lee McDerment (dot com) and download a few MP3s of last week’s gig at Carpenter’s Cellar because, from a purely musical stand point, he’s amazing and writes music that feels new and fresh to my tired musical ears.

Seriously. What are you waiting on?

(Semi-related sidenote: I love all the songs, but McD’s instrumentals SLAY ME. Chromeo & Juliet forces me to get my head bob on and then stays firmly lodged in my bobbing head for days.)