Unexpected Adventures

When I woke up yesterday, I didn’t expect i’d have an adventure on Memorial Day. In short, our friend Angela was moving to Nashville yesterday and thought she’d drive the U-Haul and tow her car all by herself. Not happening. Just not an option. Lee and I drove the U-Haul (luckily it was the “gentle-ride van”… I shudder to think what the “rough-ride van” might have been like) while Angela and Ashley followed in Lee’s Jeep. We drove back this morning.

Highlights of the trip are as follows: 

1. Lee playing the same three Gavin Degraw bootlegs off his iPod over… and over… and over. (Not that he’s OCD). 

2. Seeing a certain dispenser machine in a truck stop bathroom that originally read “FOR THE PREVENTION OF DISEASE AND PREGNANCY” marked out with black marker to say “FOR THE xxEVENTxON xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxNANCY”

3. Visiting with Steve and Andrea Barlow for a few minutes in Nashville and hearing some of Steve’s new band The Lonely Hearts (formerly Holland).

4. Seeing the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile pass us this morning on the highway in Tennessee. No joke. In real life.

5. Somehow getting back on some semblance of a normal sleep schedule (having been on third shift for a few weeks now) by driving roundtrip to Nashville in less than 24 hours at short notice. Completely normal.