What To Do With The Music

I don’t know why it’s such drama for me to deal with making art and music. I had been leaning towards completely quitting playing and writing recently for a variety of reasons (lack of things to say, lack of motivation to write even when I had coherent thoughts, lack of interest on everyone’s part, particularly my own), though I feel like i’ve settled into a good place recently holding down the opening slot for Lee and the boys as they start playing out with more frequency. That being said, “Thanks for listening, I don’t have a website… later…” is really a horrible way to end a show, opening set or not, so I decided to do something about it. 

I set up a Pure Volume page and at some point in the near future i’ll work on getting or you can just type in joshuablankenship.com. There are a few MP3s to be found if you’re up for it.