We’re Doing Nothing Today

Thus far today, Karla (who does not have a blog) has reiterated all the reasons she hates blogs. So of course, i’m posting about it… on my blog. She’s laughing on the other couch, but secretly hates me for it.

In addition to the blogging convo, we’ve done nothing. I take that back, we ate hamburgers, watched 2 Fast 2 Furious (have you seen it? Everyone is SO EXCITED through the whole movie. Wouldn’t you be SO EXCITED if you drove cool cars in Miami? I know i’d be SO EXCITED!) and Can’t Hardly Wait (not to be confused with She’s All That, which is an equally enjoyable film), LB got a headache, Karla fed the fish, and i’m contemplating mowing the grass when I get home. Not so sure that will materialize into actual action, though.

I love Saturdays.