C’mon, Bite The Apple…

You know you want a Mac. And you know you want to buy one of mine. I’m selling my 12″ G4 Powerbook for $1100 (plus shipping if needed), so if you’ve been waiting to join the wonderful cult of Apple, today’s your lucky day. It’s a year old and runs like a champ. Cosmetically, it has a few minor scratches on the body and one little ding on the screen near the bottom. Here’s the specs and such:

1.33GHZ G4 processor, 768MB DDR SDRAM, 40GB 60GB harddrive, combo drive DVD-ROM/CDRW, Bluetooth, Airport Extreme 802.11G wireless, and the 64MB GE Force FX GO 5200 graphics card.

You get the Powerbook G4, a screen cover and protective sleeve from RadTech, battery, all backup discs, power adapter and cable, and VGA adapter cable packed nicely in the original box. The software included on the Powerbook is Mac Panther OSX 10.3, Adobe Photoshop CS, and Corel Draw 11 in addition to all of Apple’s wonderful built in programs like iTunes, iChat, iDVD, iMovie, Mail, and Garageband.

Shoot me an email to joshua[at]hrtwrk[dot]com if you’re interested.