Dear Brains On Fire,

It is time to make my love for you public. Let’s make it short and sweet… I dig your company. I’m smoking what you’re selling. I’m picking up what you’re laying down. I catch your fiery, inspiring, fanatically-creative drift. I feel you. 

And I like it.

You are smarter than I am. You are more experienced than I am. You are better than I am. (For now). You are, as they say, out of my league. You are where I want to be. But this love affair, this noble pursuit of everything that is you is thus far an unrequited love. I climb the trellis of your creative might to find my forward progress blocked by the overgrowth of my own lack of experience. (Just go with it).

But do not fret. I’m not in the business of problems, i’m in the business of solutions. And so, on bended knee, I offer up a simple proposal of a change of perception. I’m no longer Talented Young Buck/Potential Risk… i’m TalentedYoung Buck/Potential Investment. More than a semantical shift, my love… this is a brave, new world. 

This isn’t passing fancy. This is more than a crush. This is the long term relationship you’ve been looking for. Do you see the potential? The two becoming one? Doesn’t the passion excite you in the least? I want to be with you. I’m your man.

Do you like me? Check Yes or No,Joshua

P.S. You have really nice furniture. I notice these things.