My Heterosexual Man Crushes

Richard Dean Anderson – AKA MacGyver. I mean seriously… he could rescue you and/or avert certain danger and/or save the day with a pocket knife, a chiclet, and one of your nose hairs. Plus, he rocked a mullet. I had a MacGyver poster on my bedroom wall when I was in 3rd grade. True story. He was most likely the first of my many all-together gratifying heterosexual man crushes.

Mos Def – Great musician, poet, and actor. Bonus points for being a frequent user of the word “cat” in relation to other guys. A recent man crush addition.

Jeremy Cowart – Photographer genius man. I love Jeremy’s photography so much he could probably kick my grandmother in the groin and I would say, “That’s some follow through you’ve got there, JCo.”

Mark Driscoll – Pastor and teacher at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I download his teaching every week because Mars Hill is gracious enough to have free mp3s. He’s smart, funny, dry, and hugely helpful in my understanding of scripture.

Rob Bell – Ditto, only replace “Mars Hill Church” with “Mars Hill Bible Church,” “Seattle” with “Grand Rapids, Michigan,” and “dry” with “a bit goofy.” Add a dash of the best history teacher you ever had and a touch Pantone 319, and you have my favorite creative communicator.

David Crowder – I just like the way he thinks. And that GOATEE? It’s like a car crash. I know I shouldn’t look… but it calls out to me in all it’s follicled glory. (Not that cars, crashed or otherwise unscathed, have follicles, but I think you get my drift, despite my poor analogy).

Ryan Hale – Seriously great painter. Finder and sharer of seriously funny things on the world wide web. Hale can also grow a mean beard.

Dave Barnes – Songs. Beautiful, beautiful songs interspersed with laugh out loud funny on-stage/off-stage banter. Great guy. Go buy his album.

Ryan Sims – Maker of lovely websites. CSS ninja. Sharer of knowledge. Overtly nice, generous, and wonderful friend. Bonus points for giving me hope for the future and my ability to procure a disproportionately hot wife on the basis of my charm, wit, and humor. 

Christopher Walken – As if I need reasons?

Ben Pasley – Ben taught me 90% of what i’m finally figuring out is important to me years later. It’s like subtle, delayed mentorship. Thank you.

John Mayer – Don’t you naysay me. He’s an amazing musician who loves and adores everything that is good and (aspiring to) perfect about music. Plus, he’s funny and seems to have a larger-than-normal amount of common sense for someone famous. I’d like to have lunch with him and talk music like the self-confessed music nerds we are.

Blaine Howard – Dedicated fun-haver. Annoyingly clever songwriter. Note to Blaine: fix your website, I love you.

Chris White – Actor, writer, creative powerhouse. I’ve learned a great deal of important things from Chris about the creative industry that are difficult to pinpoint and articulate but nonethless have aided in my recent vocational transition. I owe him big. (Note: That isn’t Chris’ website; it’s some OTHER Chris White. An impostor, really. Apparently THE Chris White doesn’t have a website, so i’m forced to use the doppelganger’s in his stead. I could have just as easily linked this one, or this one, or this one, or this one, etc. I think MY Chris White should just get his own site and make life easier on me.) 

Men… the comments section is all yours. Don’t be afraid of the man-love. Embrace the man-love. LOVE the man-love.