Hey IE, Explore My Middle Finger

Welcome to the new redesign. For the 55% of you who who regularly view this site in Internet Explorer, stop. Just stop. No, seriously… why are you doing this to the world? Do you hate us? Do you hate yourself? You’re holding us all back from forward progress. It’s the equivalent of perpetuating the notion that the world is flat. THE WORLD IS NOT FLAT and IE is actually a DEVIL BROWSER so would you just stop it? The error message some of you are getting? NOT AN ERROR anywhere else, just in your stupid browser. It won’t even tell me what the error is or where I could find it to attempt a fix.

In case you didn’t pick up inference skills or the ability to coax simple context clues out of the depths of meaning in-between the lines during all of your years of schooling, I hate IE and its virtual harem of random error messages is messing with my world right now in an unpleasant way.

Do us all a favor, go download Mozilla Firefox. It’s painless. It will make your web experience wonderful. It will help to bring about the inevitable destruction of IE and everything it stands for. Stop being a wussy “I’m scared of the INTERNET and I don’t know if I should DOWNLOAD things” kind of person. Help kill the beast. Help me keep my sanity.