Things That Hate Me (i.e. IE)

While it appears that some people viewing the site in PC world via Internet Explorer 6.0 are still experiencing an error message, some of you viewing the site in that ever-so-annoying browser aren’t getting the error. Quizzical, eh? Logically, I’m going to have to lean towards thinking it’s a personal settings or computer-specific issue, and not a browser compatibility issue. In other words, sorry, but you might have to deal with the error message.

If you don’t want to be around while I nerd out completely, you might want to go ahead and bail on this post; we’re on a slippery slope towards pocket protector land and headed down with a quickness. 

I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s causing the supposed error. Programming nerds of the world… unite. IE tells me that it requires an object (unnamed) on line 30 character 7. Easy enough, right? WRONG, Indiana Jones. You’re not finding the treasure that easy. The first time that message appeared there wasn’t even any code ON line 30. So, I experimented with moving some lines of code around (separately in the CSS, HTML, and Javascript) and there’s still an error and it’s still line 30 character 7. Phantoms, perhaps? Ghosts of programmers past? Maybe a nasty case of motherboard gremlins? Do you have any idea how maddening this is? 

This is why I like print work. CMYK plays nice with everyone.