A few days ago, Casey and I were chatting via IM about the fact that it didn’t really feel strange that we’ve known one another for over a year, but we’ve never met. We both have friends we talk to on a regular basis that we’ve never seen face to face. Yes… internet friends. I meet people on the internet. Scandalous.

I say this to set up the current state of my life, which is the avalanche of recent opportunites to meet a few of the dotcomrades “in real life” as they say. Lee and I went to Greenville last night and had the pleasure of spending a few hours with the fantastic Paul Armstrong and his equally (if not more so, natch) fantastic wife Sonya as they were passing through our side of the world on the way back to Cinci (aka The ‘Nati) from their yearly vacation on the SC coast.

Much eating, laughing, sharing, walking, and encouraging commenced. Sonya had never had sweet tea. Read that again. No, YOU shut up… she’d never had it. True story. I love the people that crisscross my life in seemingly random ways. There are so many times I really hate the internet… but it’s worth the drama for the occasional wonderful folks you get to connect with and get to know even better. 

For those dotcomrades that I have yet to spend face time with… I salute you.