I own a few different domains… hrtwrk.com, joshuablankenship.com, and the classic yourcreativitydollarsatwork.com. With the advent of this new season of writing, I think it’s time to make some decisions about what goes where.

It would be smart business to separate this blog from HRTWRK simply because this blog has very little to do with the company itself. This blog is, and always has been, more about me and more of a reflection of a personal brand than a company brand. Add to that the fact that I want a place online to showcase some of my poetry (and maybe occasionally music) and the picture becomes clearer. 

I *think* what will occur sometime in the next few months is that i’ll move this blog over to joshuablankenship.com, which i’m working on layouts for now, and use that site to post poetry and songs and anything generally related to me and to writing. HRTWRK will remain the brand for design and photography, and i’ll continue to use the NEWS section on that site to blog about design-related things, like sites you should visit and new friends in the design world. I doubt either site would suffer in the fresh content realm, considering I have no social life and love what I do.

YourCreativityDollarsAtWork (aka YCD@W) will become something special. Here I go saying it in public and thereby forcing myself to actually follow-through on it again. It worked out well last time, with the Valentine’s Day launch of HRTWRK, so maybe my track record is good for such things. 

I want to launch an online boutique store the day after Thanksgiving. 

YCD@W will sell posters, high-quality photography prints, greeting cards, t-shirts, limited-run t-shirts (think 7-21 of each design), hand-printed/hand-stitched one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing (via a bidding process), tools for designers (like EPS sets and cheap stock photography sets), and, hopefully, work by wonderful artists like Lee McDerment, Lanna Coates, and other friends i’ve made along the way. 

This is exciting. I’m currently in the process of designing the site, researching eCommerce and shipping solutions, talking to printshops and screenprinters, talking to people who sew better than I do, and trying to find a t-shirt company that makes quality, comfy tees without using porn to sell them.

What do you think?