I Don’t Get MySpace

The growth of MySpace mystifies me. I try not to rail on things I haven’t had firsthand experience with, so I set up my own profile to hopefully help me understand what was going on. It didn’t help.

In two weeks i’ve managed to make 12 “friends.” Not bad at first blush, but probably a little sad considering that I already actually know 11 of them from various other internet/music/design worlds. If this is socializing these days, i’m glad i’m a hermit. By the way, this is THE ONLY PURPOSE MySpace serves from what I can tell… making “friends” that aren’t really friends… building up your contacts list… it’s basically a nerdish popularity contest with banner ads.

If you are on MySpace and check it several times daily, chances are you are single, unemployed, very lonely, or have hair that swoops over one eye. – Chuck

I couldn’t have said it better. And doing a little bit of web research, I keep finding bands and musicians that say, “Being on MySpace is an absolute MUST!” to which I respond, “I always thought actually getting out and PLAYING MUSIC was an absolute must, thank you for enlightening me as to how to be a musician these days!” I can understand how the networking can help them out, but I still don’t get it.

Yet another way for us to waste time dorking around the internet. Sort of like reading blogs, right?