Dear Chin,

I have to admit… it was completely weird to see you again today. What has it been? Two years? I had almost forgotten you were there, so I thought i’d check in on you, let you get some sun, take you for a walk around town, etc. 

I apologize if i’ve been a bit socially awkward today when introducing you to my friends. They’re not used to you. Heck, i’m not used to you. It’s nothing personal, I promise. (Although, you are a little shorter than I wish you were, but i’m guessing there might be an old proverbial saying from some bizarro old proverbial saying-filled dimension about chins taking after their owners much like pets take after their owners. It’s probably all my fault anyway. Bygones).

In the time being, don’t be rude. Chin, meet the internet. Internet, meet my chin. Thanks for dropping by in all your unfollicled glory mediocrity. You should do it again sometime… like in another two years or so. Or never. Never would be ok, too.

Looking like i’m twelve,Joshua