The Best Friends In The World

Actually, more like the best friends in the history of the world ever. Amen. Friday was a great day, but let’s talk about Thursday first to set up the mood.

After all the fire-inducing events of Wednesday, Katie and I set out from Auburn headed towards SC for a rendezvous with her Mom in Greenville. Unfortunatley, there was 8 miles of gridlock on the northside of Atlanta on I-85. My truck overheated in traffic thereby winning the Smoke Emanating From The Front AND Back Of A Vehicle (In Less Than 48 Hours) award. Being the low-key, laid-back individuals that we are, Katie and I did the roadside cool-off period, rode up the interstate shoulder a mile to the next exit, ate some Chick-Fil-A, and finally got back on the road a few hours later. By this point, the original rendezvous time was long past, so after a pit stop at my house, Lee (and Lee’s Jeep) joined our merry band to deliver Katie safely to her parents house in Columbia. We opted for crashing in their guest room and returning the next morning. Picking up and dropping off a friend has quite possibly never been more of an adventure.

Speaking of adventures, we left early yesterday morning to get back home in time for a 10:00am appointment. Lanna, Lauren, Lee, and Karla had scheduled a planned kidnapping for the day to celebrate my birthday. We tend to make a big deal out of birthdays. The abridged version of the day involved taking lots of pictures, breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, a tour of the Anderson Museum, travel time, art-gawking at the Greenville Art Museum, lunch downtown, walking around Reedy River Falls Park, wading in the river a bit, ice cream at Spill The Beans, more walking, shopping, dinner at Kanpai Tokyo (i’m always a little kid filled with wonder at Japanese steakhouses… it’s a wonderful dining experience), and topping the night off with a stop by the Roper Mountain Science Center to see the planetarium star show in those comfy lounge chairs.

I’m a big fan of my friends. Many thanks for a fantastic birthday. 

My photos from the day are here and the community camera that we passed around during the course of the day yielded the photos here. Share in my joy.