Current State Of Mind

I feel like i’m floating. Or more like life is passing me by and i’m supposed to be going with it, but somehow i’m still just nonchalantly, aimlessly floating in the abyss. I don’t particularly care for it, to be honest. I hate it, actually. I’m just as prone to laziness as the next American male, but I feel like i’m supposed to be DOING SOMETHING right now only I don’t so much know where, or when, or what. It’s annoying. And i’m doing what I need to right now… working, paying my bills, etc. (I’m doing the work, i’m babystepping). But the looming, restlessness-fueled THERE MUST BE MORE is back in full force and breathing down my neck like I owe it money.

When i’m constantly asking myself, “Is this all there is?” I start to get on my own nerves. I’m ready for a break in the monotony… for something that feels intentional and purposeful and important and creative. This standing at the edge of what’s about to happen thing hasn’t been treating me well. I’m ready. Anytime you are. Just say the word. 1, 2, 3, go.

In the meantime, community has been so welcomed lately. I know every set of friends goes through their ups and downs, but i’m really enjoying (and savoring, even) the ups that our crew has been experiencing the past few weeks. Great people. I’m glad I know them. They’re keeping me grounded and sane right now and for that I am thankful.

Photos from our July 4th activities are up on Flickr for your enjoyment. Luckily, no one shot their eye out, although there were some close-calls.