WordPress Vs. Blogger Round 3

Blogger, I hate you with the passion of 1,000 suns. If my hatred was somehow discovered to be a quantifiable source of raw energy, I could light up the Tokyo skyline for a solid week. Die, die, die.

But don’t take my posts with you. 

For roughly the past 10 hours (with a short mid-morning nap) i’ve been trying to get Blogger to play nice with WordPress on my personal site in an attempt to move this blog there. “Trying.” “Attempt.” These are key words. There have been a variety of problems, none of which are WordPress’ fault.

It didn’t work at all the first few times. Then it worked, but I had empty monthly archives with names like “12” and “0” listed with the normal archives. A large percentage of my posts were completely out of place (summer vacations in December and the like). Blogger sent over all 18 months of my posts, but randomly spread hundreds of them far into the future with time codes from 2006-2012. There were duplicates of each post with a time code of all zeros, and duplicates with a time code of 5:59am in 1969. In case you’re bad at math, that something like 1500 posts spanning FOUR DECADES. I get around.

Using the handy phpMyAdmin tool, I searched for all the duplicate posts with the errant time codes and deleted them. Problem solved. That left me with 31 posts. What the crap? And I haven’t even gotten to trying to import the comments yet.

I just deleted all the WordPress files from my server, republished the Blogger feed (which takes about 11 minutes on average. I should know considering i’ve done it 30 times in the last day) and i’m getting geared up to try the whole process again. I think I might need food first though.

I hate the internet.