Welcome To The New Digs

Hello, people of the internets. This is myname.com. Purchasing a dot com of my own name makes me feel like a huge nerd. (Of course, I AM a huge nerd, so it was somewhat inevitable that I would make that publicly known).

After some unfruitful attempts at importing from Blogger, success was finally achieved this afternoon. A motley crew of 825 posts and 3,126 comments made the exodus. A few stragglers from both families were lost in the endeavor, but I consider them to be martyrs for the cause… casualties of the war that mainly consisted of Blogger kicking me in the crotch repeatedly while I cried like a little school girl. The fact that the war is over officially makes our fallen words acceptable losses, if you will. I will not miss Blogger in the least bit. Not even just for the sake of nostalgia.

This is what they call a “personal site” and also a “blog.” In short, this is where I get to share my love of words with you. I hope enjoy reading them. This site will be about words, words, words. If you want pretty pictures, I have one or two other sites for such things. 

The current theme is a slightly modified version of Michael Heilemann‘s wonderful Kubrick template. It will have to do until I get settled in. All waiting aside, WordPress is thus far wonderful. I have a new site layout i’m working on right now with separate pages for various and sundry writing-related escapades like poetry. Learning a bit more PHP might send me around and around the learning curve for a few days, but i’ll hopefully get the new design up soon.

I still have some issues to fix in the archives (getting to a post that doesn’t have a title, which is basically everything from 2004, will prove diffilcult until I figure out a few coding things), but get aquainted with the handy Categories section and enjoy the newness. Thanks for stopping by. Let’s make it a habit, ok?