Minor Lapse Of Intelligence

You’ve been dying inside, haven’t you? Bereft of the ability to comment all day long? And all because I neglected to fix something after playing with code in the middle of the night. I’m sorry. Truly. Madly. Deeply. Consider it fixed.

Thanks for all the emails telling me the comments were screwy. Some were quite humorous. The award for Best Email Comment Telling Me To Fix My Comments (you didn’t know you were competing? It’s ALWAYS a competition… even when you’re not looking) goes to the lovely and talented Tara Leigh Cobble who says: 

Is there a customer service number for joshuablankenship.com because I will call it. I severely need my jb.com and I paid good money for this internet access, so I’m going to have to consider reporting you to your superiors if you don’t handle this problem immediately.

I feel the love. I’m glad you wonderful people are bitter when you can’t comment. You make me feel all warm and wanted. Did it just get weird?