Dear Jeff Hook,

The duo simplicity of tonight’s Lee McDerment gig shed further (spot)light on the ridiculousness that is you, drummer head-turner. It’s the little things such as all-white kit with BLACK SNARE. I love that. It’s like, “Yeah… i’m so fresh so clean. But watch out, because at any moment I could drop a fill on you that will have you on the floor frantically searching for your head, which has fallen off in your hopeless attempt to continue the trajectory of the headbob I so precisely cultivated for you a split-second earlier.” Of course, you would never say that because you’re too humble.

Nonetheless, your hi-hat work during On Hold almost knocked me out of my seat in such a way that says, “That’s just plain STUPID, Captain.” and “How did you manage to find the 1 after that?” I mean, we all know Lee is a musical genius, but I even saw HIM counting to himself a few times tonight just to keep up while you were going above-and-beyond the call of awesome. I’m hooked.

Sailing with the Captain,