Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Switching to WordPress is the new black. You should go visit Casey Pelot and Lee Gilmore, who both waved farewell to Blogger recently as well. All of us are thus far fairly stoked about what WP can do for the site owner. You, the reader (as if you didn’t know you’re the reader) see some of that benefit (or at least I HOPE you see it) but for the most part I think we win more than you win.

But we’re all winners. (Just like in little league).

Maybe an incoherent middle-of-the night post littered with parenthetical phrases is the new black? (Was black really ever THAT cool anyway? I mean, what was the archetype before black? What was the missing ingredient in “Black is the new [insert original thing here]”?)

Riddle me that, sleepyhead.