More Heterosexual Man Crushes

If you missed the first round of my heterosexual man crushes, you can catch up here. It’s good stuff. The foundation, if you will. For those of you already in the know, you can skip the nostalgia and fix your gaze directly on the next few lines of unabashed, blatant man crushing. And away we go…

John Cusack – The everyman anti-hero. Ridiculously fast-talker. Portrayer of characters off-beat enough to appeal to a guy like me. Bonus points for starring in Better Off Dead and Serendipity, two of my favorite flicks. Speaking of Better Off Dead

Micah Kandros – First person to introduce me to said cinematic classic. Designer superstar. Nashvillian. Funny man. Friend and roommate to the stars. I’d love to get another chance to hang out with him at some point.

Lee Gilmore – He had me at “I worked on sound design for that zombie movie you just watched.” Also, funny, talented, and the receiver of this round’s award for providing me hope for my future ability to procure a disproportionately hot wife on the basis of my charm, wit, and humor.

Brian Regan – The funniest man on the face of the earth. 

Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson – My favorite drummer. Snare sounds so simple, perfect, and groove-drenched that half the time you’d swear it was a drum machine with a soul. A very black soul. ?uestlove also has the best hair of any of my heterosexual man crushes. Every human should own the Philadelphia Experiment album, my favorite album of 2001 that I didn’t find until 2005. Go. Buy. Now.

Paul Bettany – Convinced Jennifer Connely to marry him.