Random Links

My friend James is selling a really nice set of custom drums. You can see the pics and read all the details here. Someone buy them. You’ll be happy, James will be happy. It’ll be a percussion happy-fest. Or something.

Also, Making Room Magazine has a short, but informative interview with Matthew Curry here that also includes a great step by step slideshow of a single painting. Amazing. I want to have a Matt Curry painting hanging in my house at some point soon. 

Also, photographer Peter Funch has a new site. I’m not really crazy about the site (strike one for resizing my browser window) but his work is so good, it’s forgivable. 

Also, there’s a cool Hummer commercial here. I’m not so much a fan of the vehicle or anything it stands for, but the commerical is slick.

And my friend Peter Smith updates BOXCARPRAYERS.