California Dreaming

I’ve got it bad. As my intense boredom is giving way to just your run-of-the-mill boredom, the restlessness and desire for change hasn’t really gone away or latched itself on to another geographic area. I’m still feeling the pull towards something different. I’m still feeling the pull away from here. And i’m beginning to realize the unique stage of life i’m in (25 26, single, relatively debt-free, able to do what I do vocationally from anywhere in easy reach of the internet) lends itself to stepping out. And not just stepping out like “why don’t I move to a bigger city somewhere in the southeast?” but more so “why don’t I go somewhere that I don’t know with people that I don’t know in environments that I don’t know?” 

The only thing holding me back from the travel, do cool things, meet cool people, be wild and crazy (and somewhat responsible and wise) life that most of us talk and dream about and long for is finances, an area of my life that I seem to be able to handle on my own quite well in the wake of walking away from a salaried position with some swanky benefits and into the unknown world of freelance design and photography.

My daydreaming is waking up to find me spending the past few days researching housing and job opportunites and new cities. It goes something like this: find a job posting, apply for said position in a way suited to that company (which may involve re-writing my resume multiple times), go to Craig’s List and look at places to live in my price range in that area, go to Google Maps to see how close the possible housing options are to the possible place of employment. Back and forth, over and over again until someone, somewhere looks through my portfolio and sees a hint of potential that they think can benefit their company. 

And just like that, it may be time for me to go.

Yay for uncertainty and hope. HRTWRK is updated with a related personal piece I did last night/this morning/just now. Sleeping? No way. I make art when i’m restless. Oh the irony of the lack of rest during my rest-LESS-ness.