Messy Creating

I have paint all over my hands (and feet… and keyboard… oops), a headache from the fumes, and a 4’x2′ piece of plywood with a half-finished painting on it. I haven’t painted regularly in years. It feels so good to create something that isn’t on this computer. It’s refreshing to make marks I don’t want to and know that there isn’t a command+z to fix them. Having to wait for paint to dry in order to begin the next step (and the next, and the next) is actually frustrating, but in a good way that makes me stop and think and ponder and appreciate being in the moment of creating something instead of running past it so quickly like i’m prone to do with the (mostly) instant gratification of computer-based design. My head hurts. My feet hurt from standing up. I don’t mind.

With so much to do in the world, it really astounds me that I ever get bored. Of course, that’s perfect proof that we’re really incapable of holding our own attention for too long.