Vacate The Premises

The crew is headed out of town today to catch the lovely and talented Mr. Dave Barnes in Columbia tonight and then make haste to Folley beach for a few days of rest and relaxation. (Yeah, going to THE BEACH for three days will do wonders for my California dreaming. Smooth move). I’ll be gone until late Sunday, and be quite unplugged from computer world for that span of wonderful, wonderful time. I know, I know, “But what about ME?” you say, “I need my fix.” Trust me, you’ll survive. A bit of a break in the routine will be good for both of us.

In the mean time, Jeremy Cowart, photographer genius man, has a new splash page up. House-hold name, people… he’s destined for greatness. You heard it here first. Keegan is launching on Friday, so tune in for that. You also definitely need to stop by WFTP Networks. WFTP is Michael Cina, Karl Frankowski, and Ben Hribar. Great DJs, the lot of them (in addition to Cina being a fantabulous designer). WFTP is an outlet for them to share some of those rare vinyl finds with a large audience that may have never heard anything like what they play. In other words, they do all the research, we reap all the rocking benefit. There’s some killer tunes up already. And lastly, on the music tip, painter genius man Matthew Curry has some swanky electronic-ish tracks up at Ninja Cruise that you should grab. Apparently he’s one of those people who’s good at everything. Sweet. 

Keep in mind that i’ll be gone until Monday, so you might want to pace yourself with the links as to avoid withdrawls. Just a suggestion… if you’re a feast and famine kind of person, then by all means, click away. Feel free to turn the comment section into a message board in my absence. Just be adults and semi-civil and funny.